The Year of Nah.

Year of Nah.png

As 2017 comes to a close, and I drink this chai latte feeling fancy af,  I feel like this has been a fantastic year of reflecting and building. With all of that reflecting and time to self, I've figured out this:

2018 will be the #YearOfNah

I've realized a lot of the angst + anxiety I feel is partly because of what I let affect me. I allowed myself to feel stressed, pressured, overwhelmed, under appreciated, overworked, etc. and I'm not with the sh*ts. 

So with that said, #YearOfNah will be in full effect beginning with the top of my goals for each month saying:

Protect. Your. Peace.

If I can't handle it, if it's not part of my plans, or if I simply don't want to, the response will be: Nah. 

Doesn't necessarily mean I'll never have a bad day and pull out the New York accent with a few choice words,  just means I'm making more of a conscious effort to be in control of what negatively affects me. After all, there's only one me, and I only have one life. 

With that said, I completely encourage ya'll to consider doing the same. Take time for prayer and reflection, and stop thinking everything warrants a response. #YearOfNah is a time to take care of YOU. 

Choose mental health days. Choose social media breaks. Choose silence in the midst of foolishness. Choose peace.

It doesn't mean I don't love ya'll any less, it just means I'm choosing to love myself more. So, you're not with it please expect a warm smile and a quick "Nah."

Cue Demi: Sorry, not sorry.