05 Ways to Relieve Stressful Days

To all the homies in their twenties that need to take a little time to self-love to balance stressful days, this is all for you.

Life update: the kiddies are driving me nuts, I'm moving apartments during one of the worst months of the school year, and I'm almost sure that my metabolism is starting to slow down. I know, this sounds super small, but I'm stuck between what everyone else is telling me to do about it and what I want to do.

With that said, I sat down and thought about ways to not just avoid stress because HAHA IT'S IMPOSSIBLE, but ways to let go of an already stressful day.

Watch a Movie

The first part of relief is to take your mind off of it. You need a movie distraction. Either go see one, snag a Redbox, or start a corny Netflix movie. Doesn't matter which you choose, but watching someone else's life will distract you from yours. Guaranteed.

Take a Shower

Even if you haven't just worked out, take one. Baths, to me, require a lot of time (which you probably don't have). Time to run the water, time to sit in it, time to clean the tub when you're finished... Within all of that time you've probably committed a misdemeanor trying to relieve your stress because you have too much time to think. Showers are a quick way to rinse off the toxins and clear your mind, especially if you have music. Don't forget to wash your face!

Clean Up!

It sounds crazy, but if you come home and your space looks a mess, your stress level goes up x100. You need to have a place to breathe. The sense of control over your environment will help with your stress, then you'll have the chance to clear your mind.

Drink Tea, NOT Wine.

Absolutely do not drink wine. Tea, with ginger, soothes. Wine, with alcohol, starts fires. Stock your cabinets with your favorite tea for those stressful days.

Would You Like to Phone a Friend?

Be. Very. Careful. Talking to a friend can help you get out of your head, but don't choose someone that will fuel the negative feelings you're having. Can't think of a person who's a good listener in the heat of the moment? Write it all down.

Let's face it, stress isn't something we can avoid. It's bound to happen, especially at our age, but you have the choice to provide some relief. Choose you.