Best At Home Teeth Whitening


As a teacher, dealing with small children has me on a pretty tight schedule:

- coffee/tea every Thursday for PLT
- wine at least twice a week, red if possible
- tons of juice to keep me pleasant
- the occasional secret Starbucks run during elective
- Pepsi for those really trying days.

Because of this necessary schedule, teaching during the school year definitely takes a toll on the color of my teeth (so not cute for Christmas cards). Personally, I'm terrified of the dentist and avoid going at all costs so heading there to get my teeth whitened is a no-go, not to mention the cost is ridiculous. 

In addition, other methods of at home teeth whitening never work for me because:

  1. the strips never hold on to your teeth.
  2. my teeth are SO sensitive - like use Sensodyne sensitive. 
  3. it's uncomfortable 

When Smile Brilliant reached out and asked me to try their product, I was completely impressed with the process. First of all, there were no gross sticky whitening strips that slide off your teeth if you even say the word spit. Disgusting, I know. Secondly, getting my kit was SO simple. After a few questions about my preferences and dental history, they sent me a kit that worked best for me including instructions on making my teeth impressions for a tray that was customized to MY mouth. 


CRAZY, I know.

Some of you may have seen my Instagram story of me molding the clay and trying to make sure I made a great impression, slightly crooked and all (I wasn't a fan of braces either because of my scary childhood dentist). After mailing out the mold, I quickly received an email saying my trays were being made and within a few days I had comfortable well-fitting whitening trays

If you have super sensitive teeth like me, you could whiten every other day just as a precaution, but I have to say the desensitizing gel definitely makes a difference after every use. I love whitening at night because I can take care of lesson planning with them in after dinner. No hour long prep, no slippery strips. Perfect for #yafav3rdgradeteacher or any other human who cares about having white teeth

Here's my before & after results: 


Long story short, I'm in love with my trays and my improving smile so I know you'll be too. Be sure to check out the different systems that could work best for you, as well as a video review from someone else who adores her trays! Holiday SZN is coming up anyway, treat yourself and someone you care about with a brighter, whiter smile.

Let me know if you have ANY questions at all about the trays or the process. I pretty much feel like the best at-home whitening guru there is (not that there's much competition in my house).


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this is a sponsored post, however, all opinions are 100% my own.