31 Ideas For Your "Me" Time

Let me just throw you into my world for like thirty-three seconds:

  1. Kids after break are off the chain.
  2. Lesson plans are like writing what you’re going to say all week with the conscious knowledge that your week will go nowhere close to this plan. I spend one million hours doing this work.
  3. My birthday is Wednesday and I’m super stressed about what I want to do.

Needless to say, I’m in serious need of some ME-recuperation time.

I need time to, first of all, get my mind wrapped around the fact that I’m back at work. It’s like I’ve been catapulted into the midst of everything and expected to fire on all cylinders. To be honest, I’m already feeling a bit rundown. No bueno.

Sometimes I feel like as a woman I’m starting this horrible trend of doing everything under the sun before taking care of me. This is what I’ve figured out:

First, I’ve started saying no. Like a lot. If I can’t handle it, I’m not doing it – simple as that. The weight of my obligations was beginning to outweigh my ability to withstand them. If you start saying no, I promise some more “me” time will start to become available.

Second, plan your “me” time. Self-care has to be intentional, otherwise you’ll be left on the back burner time and time again.

So, with the impending doom of this “snowstorm” in North Carolina, I plan on taking part in several of these me time ideas. You should definitely join me!

“me” time ideas


– catch up on a great book

– binge watch a show, my favorite is How I Met Your Mother

– indulge in a few glasses of wine

– paint

– write

– go shopping

– go for a run/walk

– head to Pinterest and make a new recipe

– take a short trip downtown

– go to the movies

– plan a vacation

– make a playlist and listen to your favorite songs

– take a bath

– make some tea

– workout

– eat your favorite snacks

– rent a Redbox movie

– start a diy

– meditate

– treat yo’ self to your favorite restaurant

– go out and try a Moscow Mule (my latest obsession)

– head to the spa

– get a mani/pedi- get your hair done

– get your hair done

– play a game, just enjoy

– take a nap

– go for a drive with no particular destination

– make indoor s’mores

– try a hot yoga class

– ride a bike

– head to a coffee shop

Hopefully, these ideas will be helpful to you, or if you have your own ideas drop them in the comments box! Let’s connect and take care of ourselves together. I cannot stress enough how important it is to take care of you this year starting now.

You cannot pour from an empty cup, so take care of you first.