Duplin Carolina Red Wine

Let me just start by telling you the score - This week: 1  Ny: 0.

Simple explanation? I'm back at school again. I'll spare you the long explanation.

I first discovered Duplin with my college bff, Toren, when we thought we were sophisticated enough to talk about our problems over wine. She showed up at my apartment with two bottles, one being Carolina Red. It was a fantastic night. The wine originates in the Carolinas, so if you ever find yourself close to Myrtle Beach or Rose Hill you should visit the winery!

Duplin is the oldest and, to me, the most wonderful winery in North Carolina.

As for Carolina Red?

Think: sweet with a little nip towards the end for the not so serious wine drinker.

It's an awesome red wine made from muscadine grapes. Perfect when you don't necessarily want something dry, but you just want to relive your wonderful college days when everything was well...sweet.

Easiest ten bucks you'll ever spend. Add it to your grocery list ASAP.


Color: Red

Taste: Pretty sweet, muscadine grape

Pair: A bad/good/average/rainy/normal day

I'm telling you, you're going to love it.