DIY Herb Gardens


Everyone cooks with herbs. Fresh, dried, McCormick, etc. Now I'm no top notch chef, so I definitely don't know everything there is to know about herbs and cooking, but I do know I like things that taste good. Reko always expects that whatever flower or plant he brings home to me will die so I have been determined to prove him wrong with these DIY Mason Jar Herb Gardens!

Mason jar herb gardens are so simple and low maintenance that it's hard not to want them on your windowsill. Trust me, I wouldn't recommend any of it to you if I couldn't do it myself. Baby green thumb status.

You can do it!

  • Mason jars - $1 Target
  • Jar labels - $3 Target
  • Miracle Grow Moisture Control Potting mix - $10 Wal-Mart
  • Herb seeds- $0. 50 - $1 Wal-Mart
  • Small rocks or gravel - $1 Dollar Tree
  1. Fill each mason jar with about an inch high with your small rocks. This will assist with drainage of water so that the roots aren't hurt by overwatering. 
  2. Fill the jars with your potting mix about 2 inches below the rim. Potting mix is so great for maintaining moisture.
  3. Plant seeds into the potting mix labeling the jars as you go. Add about another inch of potting mix over your seeds. Not too much so the seeds don't have to push through a lot as they sprout.

  4. Lightly water your seeds and set them on a windowsill. Be patient! Depending on what herbs you choose the time for sprouting may differ. Water an adequate amount as the soil becomes dry to the touch. Now, some herbs flourish in a more dry soil while others need consistent watering so be sure to do your research on which herbs you choose!

    I hope you enjoy your herb gardens, fellow baby green thumbers!