As my AP put it so nicely, it's winter weave season so I went ahead and got some braids. Cue "Afro" by Erykah Badu as you read, just for added drama.

Personally, I haven't got the effort this time around to maintain a weave, so I'm getting my Brandy Norwood on instead while re-transitioning my hair.


  • Good news is I've been trimming the heat damage pretty consistently. Maybe too consistently. Who knows, it's fine.
  • Bad news is, my fingers are sick of twists & Bantu knots. It's time for a break, specifically a low manipulation break.

Box braids, when done the right way, are a really nice break for your hair in the winter because you're not constantly messing with it. The change of the weather affects natural hair much more than you think. The dryness of the air contributes tons to the brittle/dryness of your hair shafts.

Your tresses need a lot more love and affection at the start of winter. Currently, this blog and my kiddos have all that love and affection and there's no surplus - hence the winter weave.

I went to an African owned small business to get my braids done. Took a good chunk of my Sunday, but they're gorgeous.


Here're my tips for caring for your box braids because winter weaves are here.

right after braids.

  • I'm sure some of you can guess what my scalp felt like the day after. To combat this, for the following two nights, I wrapped a damp hot towel around my head and covered it with a plastic cap. The heat and the moisture are a HUGE help.

  • It's going to hurt for a bit, but take your hair out of the ponytail. Pulling your braids up can cause some unnecessary pulling on your edges and your natural hair, definitely not what you need.


  • Continue sleeping with satin pillowcases and occasionally a satin bonnet to preserve the life of the braids. Every other day I spritz my scalp and the braids with a water/natural oil mixture to be sure my natural hair doesn't suffer because of my laziness. You have to keep your natural hair moisturized.
  • My hair gets uber dry very quickly, so after spritzing my scalp I like to rub some oil on my fingertips and rub it in between my braids to avoid annoying flakes.
  • Wash and condition every two weeks to keep your hair free of build-up.

+ p.s. here's the oil that I love oh-so-much | It's Natural Natural Oil it's ridiculously light and wonderful for keeping your hair and scalp moisturized.

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