Big Chops & Birthdays

First, my birthday was WONDERFUL.

I was surrounded by the people I love, was surprised around every corner, and had an overall great time. Huge shoutout to Skewers in Durham, NC (the owner is awesome) and Kings Bowling in Raleigh – if you haven’t been, go. It’s a ton of fun.

Skewers is a little bar & grill in downtown Durham. It has fantastic wings and great hookah, as well as some nice drink specials. They often have open-mic nights and a DJ so if you’re looking for somewhere chill to hang out with a more mature crowd, this is the place. Think hookah lounge + chicken wings.

Kings Bowling is another one of my favorite places because it has bowling, a full-service kitchen, and a great sunny-side egg burger. The environment is always exciting and fun, but also always packed. So be sure to make a reservation or get there earlier in the day.


Let’s get hair-serious: If you follow me on any social media, I’m sure you’ve already seen my cut for the New Year.

For me, this was another “big chop” because of how much hair was on the floor when she was done + how much was left on my head when it’s curly. However, almost 90% of my heat damaged hair is completely gone, which is great.

This journey towards healthy hair is so tough because my patience is SO thin when it comes to my hair.  Like as thin as my ends before I had them chopped off.

So one night I was sitting and plotting for my birthday hair/outfit/nails/life and decided I was going to cut my hair completely off. I’m talking really low. Fortunately, I had some friends talk some sense into me and I reeled myself back in just a bit to get this:

(Excuse my weird skinny ankles.)

Yes, I’m still natural.

Yes, I’m still sane.

I personally do NOT touch my flat iron. Keeping your hair poppin’ with a style like this can be hard. Especially if you’re feeling like you have to choose between health or style. So here’s how I’m maintaining:


– It’s Natural Hair Oil

– It’s Natural Growth Creme

– Cantu Extra Hold Edge Gel for Natural Hair

My hair gets extremely dry very easily. For a long time I would hate oiling my scalp because it would weigh down the “flowiness” of my hair.

* TIP: use a q-tip to oil your scalp. Just dip one end and section your hair to oil. It will take care of dryness without coating your strands in unwanted oil. 

2. (4) BIG DO’S

– Do NOT use heat. None.

– Whenever you’re combing, do use a wide tooth comb. To fine tooth, rat-tail combs.

– Do sleep without satin – either a pillowcase or a scarf.

– Do shower with a scarf + bonnet + shower cap to prevent your hair from curling.

I’m on a super strict two-week regimen of absolutely no heat, even when I’m dying to. I’m still a little nervous to wash & go, so I’m depending on my stylist (who’s fabulous) for heat. She only uses low heat on my hair + heat protectant, making sure my hair is moisturized especially in this season.

As I’m sitting here right now I’m about to pin curl and afterward snatch this satin bonnet.

All of my naturals who prefer to keep their hair straight, how do you maintain the health + style of your hair? Or, my naturals who enjoy wearing their natural styles, how do you stay away from the flat iron?

I’d LOVE your input on this one, because hello, who doesn’t love healthy hair?!