Adult Snow Days Be Like.


As a small child, I always thought snow days were lit. 

I especially liked getting up way early (back when I lived in Bay Shore) and watching the news to find out if this blizzard was just in fact enough to cancel school ('cause you know they never did). 


Personally, some of my fav adult memories involve snow: (hence the flashback photos with Reko to when we ACTUALLY got snow last year) or that time my best friends and I thought it was a good idea to slide down the hill in bins on that road behind University Village in Greensboro. Bad life choices. 

As I search for what's left of the wine in this house let's list all the fabulous things about adult days


  1. not going to work/canceled class (for my undergrad/grad school friends). 

  2. wine.

  3. wine.

  4. wine. 

  5. (for teachers) no small aggravating children...or aggravating co-workers. 

  6. staying in bed past 6:00 a.m.

  7. binge watching Netflix & Hulu because you're WAY behind.

  8. getting "snowed-in" with significant others.

  9. getting "snowed-in" by yourself because others are annoying.

  10. NOT actually living off of bread, milk, and eggs because that's foolish. 

So, as I savor the small wins INCLUDING SCHOOL BEING CLOSED TOMORROW, let me know your favorite snow day activities (as an adult)!


Also, sorry if you have to go to work tomorrow. Love ya'll.